Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday School

Today was the first day of Sunday School for the fall semester at St. Christopher's, Killeen. We had a great turn-out. Oh, by Baptist standards 25% of our Sunday attendance is probably nothing to crow about, but for Episcopalians it was a fine showing. 82 people between the ages of a few months to many decades filed into a line-up of classrooms to study our faith under a variety of tutors and teachers. I find a deep satisfaction in my soul even now, at the end of the day.

Two things occur to me to mention.

1. Someone said, "This is how St. C's should be." She was harking back to some time in the past when Christian Education was a high priority not only by the leadership, but by the congregation. We had drifted from that mooring, and it was good to get back. But I take her words differently. This is how it should be regardless of any past experience. Episcopalians are notoriously uneducated about our faith, and that is not a good thing. 82 people began doing something about it this morning, and I cannot commend them highly enough.

2. Be aware of the predictable ebb and flow of energy. Right now it's all a wondrous new thing, and we're all excited about it. But if we are truly going to learn the faith we must still have 82 people in Sunday School in three months, and six months, and in a year's time. Even now in the midst of the euphoria let us commit to the perseverance necessary to let these instructional hours truly began to transform our lives. There will be good lessons and not so good ones, great days and not so great days, but the true student of the faith looks to the material to be gained, not at the quality of teaching on any one day to determine their continued commitment. One of our Core Values is education. Let's make this year the year of education, how about it?

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