Saturday, February 27, 2010

religious controversy

Shame on them! Joseph Reyes and Jessica Reyes were a mixed-religion marriage, she is Jewish, he is Christian (Roman Catholic.) They are embroiled in a bitter divorce, and they are using their respective religious traditions to beat up on one another, putting their daughter, Ela, in the middle. Shame on them for abusing their child in this way. Neither of them is being honest or mature about this.

But greater shame goes to the judge who issued a restraining order against Joseph taking his daughter to Mass. Shame for not seeing how these two were abusing one another and their child and moving to protect the child when nobody else is. Right or wrong, that is one function of our courts, and this judge failed miserably.

And shame for even considering a restraining order related to religion, involving acts that are not in violation of any other law of the land. This judge should have known better than this!

And shame on the judge for not sending these two neurotic youngsters to marriage therapy to get over their immaturity and learn to get along!

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