Monday, September 27, 2010

The guy was a jerk!

The officer in California was definitely out-of-line. He blurred the lines of authority in using his police persona to confront the boy for boinkin' his daughter. He set a lousy example. If he wanted to straighten out the younger generation he should have had the cohones to do it as a father and not hide behind the power of the city. If he wanted to straighten out the younger generation maybe he should have had a better line on what his precious little girl was doing. Instead he let his frustration become anger at the wrong target—the hormone-soaked 15 year-old instead of his own testosterone-waning self.

Is the boy innocent? This brings up an anomaly in our culture. We turn a blind eye when consenting "adults" engage in all kinds of kinky stuff, even when such actions violate promises and ruin long-term relationships. And all the while we're looking at our kids and saying, "Do as I say, don't do as I do." We're all wusses.

The policeman threatened charges of sexual assault on his precious girl. Hmm…if I don't miss my guess he's teaching her that she can taunt and tease all she wants, but as soon as they guy initiates something that afterwards she feels guilty about she can cry wolf and society will charge to her rescue—or her father, anyway, borrowing the sword of the state. No fair again. We're all wusses.

I think it's pretty clear what happened. A couple of sets of parents were not really watching and a couple of hormone-crazed kids crossed the line. It's wrong of the kids, it has a way of ruining lives for a long time to come. (That's why the church says it's not a good idea.) And it was negligent of us parents, who could have had better communications with our kids to point them to examples of the power of restraint (preferably our own,) and then of parents who couldn't sit down and talk this out like adults, renegotiate limits, help the kids mop up the consequences and move on—like in 99% of these cases nationwide.

The guy doesn't have the cohones to be a cop.

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